Hate to Love

Those men in fiery red shirts

Supporting pre-2004 Zimbabwe was the most innocent of cricket's pleasures. Until you looked deeper

Danyal Rasool

November 2019

All hail the grim reaper

If you were an England batsman of the 1990s and 2000s, the chances were pretty high McGrath had your scalp in his bag

Scott Oliver

July 2019

Sunny, Gramps and me

Why does Gavaskar always have to be a grouch or worse? He was so much cooler back when he was playing

Alagappan Muthu

February 2019

Hands, gob, heals

The brilliant Alyssa Healy vowed to "bring the bitch back". What's an English journalist to do but love to hate her?

Raf Nicholson

January 2019