Hate to Love

Wolf in sheep's clothing

Most of the world saw Javagal Srinath as a toiler. South Africans saw a proper fast bowler

Tom Eaton

April 2017

A Pom, but lovable

For an Aussie kid growing up in the 1990s, hating England came easy. Except when Darren Gough ran in to bowl

February 2017

Awfully good

Adam Gilchrist was one of those rare Aussie sportsmen who gave you no reason to hate him. Now how infuriating was that?

Emma John

January 2017

Forbidden love

Cheering for MS Dhoni from across the border can be a complicated business

Saad Shafqat

December 2016

The fly in the ointment

To love him, to hate him or to feel something in between? When it comes to Ravi Shastri, all three results are possible

Prem Panicker

October 2016

The Lara nightmare

A saga in which Australian hopes were repeatedly ground to dust

Ben Pobjie

September 2016

Anyone but the Blues

Steve Waugh was mighty focused, mighty determined. Alas, he was from New South Wales

John Harms

August 2016

A touch of Pakistani mayhem

Stuart Broad is easy to hate - until he conjures up one of his cathartic spells of fast bowling

Ahmer Naqvi

July 2016