Growing up with Murali

Ten years after he retired, a reflection on what Muttiah Muralitharan has meant - and means - to a nation

Andrew Fidel Fernando

August 2020

Greigy, Robbo, and me

Tall and friendly, Tony Greig was a hero, ready-minted, for Sussex, England and the world in the late '60s and '70s

December 2018

Still loving Sachin

It has been five years since Tendulkar left the stage, and India's obsession with him makes a little more sense

Pranay Sanklecha

November 2018

The Imran Khans I've known

Cricketer who turned prime minister? There's more to him than just those two avatars

Osman Samiuddin

August 2018

For the love of Snow

To a young lad in '70s England, he was the embodiment of rebellion, raw pace and rock n' roll cool. Forty years later, except for the pace, not much has changed

February 2018