Buttler hopes for IPL-style T20 in England

England wicketkeeper-batsman delighted at being able to play full season of IPL

"Everyone watches the Big Bash and the IPL and wants to be a part of that" © BCCI

England wicketkeeper Jos Buttler has said he is delighted to have got a chance to play a full IPL season and hopes to see a franchise-based T20 tournament in England in the future.

"I don't think our [domestic] T20 competition is great," said Buttler in an interview with the Cricket Monthly. "Everyone watches the Big Bash and the IPL and wants to be a part of that. To experience something on a domestic level in England that is just like international cricket - every county player would love that."

Buttler, currently part of the Mumbai Indians squad, was grateful to the ECB for the chance to play the whole IPL season at the expense of first-class matches for his county. This was the first time the ECB had fully backed one of its star players when it came to choosing IPL over county cricket.

"I think it's a really important change, and it's a bit of a shame it's taken so long, but I do understand it's very tricky with the timing of our county season," said Buttler, admitting that he probably wouldn't have taken this call had he been England's first-choice wicketkeeper in Tests.

"Someone like a Ben Stokes would be high on IPL teams' lists. But he's such an important player for England in all three formats. Joe Root too. How do they get everything in? But it would be fantastic for English cricket and all the individuals if there's the potential to get players into these tournaments."

One of the key players behind England's ODI and T20 revival over the last year, Buttler has come to symbolise a change in attitude towards the shorter forms.

"I think it's great that now in England it's not seen as derogatory to say you want to be a one-day cricketer," says Buttler. "And that's great, as it really opens up lots of doors for people and makes them feel a lot more comfortable about thinking, 'You know what, I'm really good at one-day cricket and I want to give that my all.'

"I think what's really exciting is that in the next five years there's going to be some huge changes in cricket, with a new cycle of exciting young cricketers and a new generation of fans as well. It'll be interesting to see if they're more interested in the one-day stuff or if Test cricket still retains its primacy."

Buttler played 15 Tests for England in 2014 and 2015 and has maintained that his main ambition is to be successful in the longest format.

"I've learned not to get caught up in what I want to do, and enjoy the challenges I have ahead," he said. "If I could one day maybe win back that Test place, that would be great. But I've got lots of things to concentrate on at the minute and enjoy as well."

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