From the Editor

When Ranga comes 'round

In praise of a spinner whose contributions are as generous as his girth

Rahul Bhattacharya

October 2016

Bangla love

Cricket was adored in Bangladesh long before it became a country. The rest of the world is only catching up to that fact now

Osman Samiuddin

September 2016

The art of Anderson

Jimmy A talks us through how he does what he does

Siddhartha Vaidyanathan

August 2016

Inside batting

This month's cover story goes into territory cricket writing normally fears to tread

Siddhartha Vaidyanathan

July 2016

England shining

They've never been quite as poor at one-day cricket as we've been given to think. These days, in fact, they're positively electric

Osman Samiuddin

May 2016

Smile, it's Younis

This month's cover star has a complex, ever-present grin

Rahul Bhattacharya

April 2016

The art of the interview

It can be adversarial, revelatory, somewhere between conversation and interrogation. This month we showcase a triumph of the genre

Osman Samiuddin

March 2016

Of sports and hatred

Why do we take to social media in droves and pour scorn on players?

Siddhartha Vaidyanathan

February 2016

In praise of list-making

The joys of sitting in judgement on a half-century of Test match performances

Rahul Bhattacharya

January 2016