Cricket in fiction

Cricket a la Plum

In the hands of the legendary humorist PG Wodehouse, the game becomes quirkier and even more delightful

Benjamin Golby

August 2017

Gateway to the Caribbean

If you're a fan of West Indian cricket, you're likely to fall in love with the region's literature

Benjamin Golby

June 2017

Madras machinations

Mike Marqusee's only cricket novel isn't as fine as his non-fiction works, but with murder, political intrigue and romance thrown into the mix, it's entertaining

Benjamin Golby

May 2017

Fantasy cricket

Michael O'Leary's Out of It is a trippy read, one where Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin entertain you with their batting exploits

Benjamin Golby

April 2017

The migrant

Immigration and its contents: Netherland, a novel that was able to assimilate an alien sport in an American setting

Benjamin Golby

March 2017

Class (struggle) is permanent

Overshadowed by greater writers, Dudley Carew and Bruce Hamilton wrote cricket novels set in the old world but with contemporary concerns

Gideon Haigh

February 2017

Small wonder

RK Narayan's beloved novel may be classified as children's cricket fiction, but it is not limited by its genre

Benjamin Golby

January 2017


Malcolm Knox writes about racism, pornography and dysfunctional families, all within the narrative of a Sydney Test match

Benjamin Golby

December 2016

A five-day cricket affair

The tale of a person who isn't interested in the game but keeps crossing paths with it

Benjamin Golby

November 2016