Pause - it's good for you

Break has several meanings in cricket, but today the predominant usage is to do with money-making

Simon Barnes

June 2017

The beguilers

What makes us call a player a genius?

Simon Barnes

April 2017

Look sharp

If you have focus, you can achieve anything - or so they say

Simon Barnes

February 2017

The others

Not all the terms used in cricket come from the English language

Simon Barnes

December 2016

Not a problem

The difficulties modern players face are often described as being "issues". That's not always a bad thing

Simon Barnes

November 2016

Go pro

A word that was once used to describe a lower class of player now stands for a job reasonably done

Simon Barnes

October 2016

Is this boring you?

What is the purpose of sport: to entertain or to pursue excellence?

Simon Barnes

September 2016